Schedule Automation for Sync data

To schedule automation for sync data, perform the following steps.

To schedule automation for Sync data:

1. Type Task Scheduler in the Windows Start menu and click on Task Scheduler to launch task scheduler.
2. On the Actions tab menu, select Create Task option. The Crete Task dialog box appears.

3. It consists of five tabs:

4. In General tab.
In Name field, enter the task name.
In Description field, enter description for the task.
In Security options section, you can configure which administrator account can run the task.
Select the Run whether user is logged on or not option.
Select the Run with highest privileges option, If the task requires the highest privileges.
Select the Hidden option, If you want to hide the task.
The Configure for settings are changed only when you are required to use a different compatibility option.
Click Ok button.

5. In Triggers tab.
Click the New button. The New Trigger dialog box appears.
Click the Begin the task drop-down and select one of the triggers from the list.
Select Daily, Start date and time, and then enable the settings. Click Ok to schedule the task.

6. In the Action tab.
Click the New button. The New Action dialog box appears.
Click the Action drop-down and select one of the actions from the list.
Under the Settings section, in the Program/script field, specify the path for the application (SVMClientData.exe).
In the Add arguments (optional) field, you can specify Sync Data.
In the Start in (option) field, specify the installation folder of the SVMClientData.exe 
After selecting the above fields, click the Ok button.

7. After completing the steps, authenticate with your account credentials, and then the task will run automatically on schedule or event using the specified settings.