Step 3 of 4: Applicability Criteria - Paths

In Step 3 you should select the paths/locations to which this package should be applied. These are usually populated by Software Vulnerability Manager based on the scans previously conducted.

Please be advised to only choose paths that are valid to avoid any update loops. You can also use paths with CSIDL and KNOWNFOLDERID if you select the Show Advanced Options check box. These variables should be used with their decimal value.

For packages that should not have any paths for applicability, select the Mark Package as “Always Installable” check box to ignore all paths. Paths for App-V and Mac OS X are filtered out since they are not supported for patching.

Use the Minimum Version Option to update older products. Normally, a product is updated to its secure version within the same major version. You can alter this behavior by specifying a custom minimum version. Note: the version you enter must also be supported by the installer itself - you cannot enter arbitrary values here.