Suggest Software

You can use the Suggest Software to suggest a software that is not detected by SVM.

To specify SVM Suggest Software, perform the following steps.

To specify SVM Suggest Software:

1. In the SVM Patch Publisher ribbon, click Suggest Software button.

The SVM Software Suggestion Tool window appears.

2. The SVM Software Suggestion Tool window includes the following properties:



Program File

Click browse and select file from the preferred location.

Note:Users should suggest the main file of the installed software.

Program Name

Program name auto-populates with respect to the selected program file. Modify the name (If required).

Program URL

Specify the program URL.

Email Address

Specify valid email addresses.

Note:Multiple email addresses can be added. Use a semi-colon or comma to separate multiple e-mail addresses.

Additional Information

Add additional information (if required).

3. After entering the above details, click Send to Flexera button.

4. Upon successful action, the details of the suggested software will be displayed in SVM new web interface under Configuration > Software Suggestions.

5. By clicking on the View My Software Suggestions button in the SVM Software Suggestion Tool window, it navigates to the new SVM web interface > Configuration > Software Suggestions page where the details of the software suggestion will be displayed.