System Center Inventory Import

Scan results are obtained from the data collected by the System Center software inventory agent, which avoids the need to install the Software Vulnerability Manager Agent on each client.

To set up an import schedule, see System Center Import Schedules (Requires the Software Vulnerability Manager Daemon).

System Center integration requires the following prerequisites:

Setting up authentication. The user running the Software Vulnerability Manager console must have access to the database containing the data of the System Center. For System Center Configuration Manager, the database is named CM_<site_code> and for System Center Configuration Manager it is named SMS_<site_code>. To add permissions, open SQL Server Management Studio, right-click the appropriate database, navigate to permissions and add Connect and Select.
Setting up the software inventory agent. Assuming that the System Center site has been set up, open the System Center console and ensure that the System Center client (agent) is installed on the hosts to be scanned. In System Center Configuration Manager, go to Devices and right-click Install client. Then go to Administration > Client Settings > Properties > Software Inventory. To configure the broadest possible pattern, select File Detail: full and add the patterns *.dll, *.exe, *.ocx. Do not exclude the Windows directory. Less data will be generated by specifying a narrower pattern, however, the quality of the scan result will suffer.
In addition, you might want to consider increasing the software inventory file size from the default of 5 MB to 12 MB. To accomplish this, change the following registry key on the System Center Server:
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\SMS\Components\SMS_SOFTWARE_INVENTORY_PROCESSOR\Max File Size

Click Configure System Center. In the Software Vulnerability Manager System Center Configuration page, enter the System Center Server Name. Select the Use System Center Collection Name as Site name for imported hosts check box to use the Collection name as a host's Site name during Collection import and click Save.

If you select Manual, enter the SQL Host, SQL Port and SQL Database connection data and click Save.

In the System Center Inventory Import page, click Import Selected Collections or Import All Collections.

Important:The scan result is based on the data collected by the software inventory agent, which may not be of the same quality as that of the Software Vulnerability Manager Agent (csia). This means that there could be discrepancies between a scan performed by the System Center integration and the csia. It may also result in some products not being detected correctly. For higher quality scan results Flexera recommends using the csia.