Configured Host Groups API

The information required to read the each Host Smart Group is organized into the following tabs:

Configured Host Groups API Information

Requirement Types



Note:The value for <XYZ> in the above API is defined in the Parameters section.




uid = UID Value taken from successful login see How to Obtain the Token .
action = smart_groups
which = getSmartGroupContents
smartGroupTextType = host
smartGroupId = "id":"n" value from the JSON response of Host Smart Groups API.

Note:The above parameters have to be entered in the <XYZ> of above API respectively


{"success":true,"error_code":0,"data":{"rows":[{"nsi_device_id":"1","host_name":"BLR-LT-101247","score":"88","num_insecure":"22","num_eol":"4","num_patched":"193","num_installations":"219","group_name":"FLEXERA","software_inspector_id":"21","updated":"2019-07-12 07:07:26","software_inspector_version":""}],"total":"1"},"compiledTime":"2019-07-17 00:28:04"}

Received Information

The following information will be received in the API response:

"nsi_device_id"—Device Id
"host_name"—Name of Host
"score"—System score of host
"num_insecure"—Number of insecure installations
"num_eol"—Number of end-of-life installations
"num_patched"—Number of secure installations
"num_installations"—Total number of installations
"group_name"—Custom group or LAN group name
"software_inspector_id"—Agent types:
0: Agent imports but not scanned
11: Mac
21: Windows
31: SCCM
41: RHEL
100: AD imports but not scanned
"updated"—Last Scanned date
"software_inspector_version"—Agent Version