List All the Host and Scan Status

This section describes the API information to view the following details from the Completed Scan page:

Host Details
Scan Status
Results Exist
Scan Type
Zombie Files

The information required to view the Completed Scans is organized into the following tabs:

List of Host and Scan Status API Information

Requirement Types


API URL<xyz>&action=<xyz>&which=<xyz> 

Note:The value for <XYZ> in the above API is defined in the Parameters section.


uid = UID Value taken from successful login see How to Obtain the Token .
action = csi_completed_scans
which = overview

Note:These parameters have to be entered in the <XYZ> of above API respectively

Sample Sort




Sample JSON Response

{"success":true,"error_code":0,"data":{"rows":[{"nsi_device_id":"736","status_date":"2019-07-23 12:55:41","host":"QA_WIN81E","langroup":"SCCM","scan_type":"2","short_msg":"Partial: Windows Update failed","long_msg":"The scan was partially successful. An error occurred during the Windows Update check.\\n\\nIt appears that the RPC service is not running or that the Host is firewalled to disallow access to the RPC service.\\n\\nNOTE: This means that certain Microsoft products for this Host, are listed with a potential incorrect security state.","no_insecure":"12","no_eol":"3","no_patched":"167","no_total":"182","no_zombie":"included","id":"18577","software_inspector_id":"21","results_exist":"1"},{"nsi_device_id":"736","status_date":"2019-07-23 12:48:14","host":"QA_WIN81E","langroup":"SCCM","scan_type":"2","short_msg":"Success: OK","long_msg":"Scan executed successfully","no_insecure":"12","no_eol":"3","no_patched":"167","no_total":"182","no_zombie":"included","id":"18576","software_inspector_id":"21","results_exist":"1"},...

Received Information

Time, Host Name, Scan Status, Results Exist, Device ID, etc.