Install Your Software Vulnerability Manager On‑Premises Edition Environment

To install your Software Vulnerability Manager On-Premises environment:

1. Open a support ticket with Flexera through our Customer Community at
2. Your support contact will then grant you access to download the RPM at
3. To login the first time to the Software Vulnerability Manager via http(s)://csi_server_name/, use the following user name and password:
User name: default
Password: flexera
4. Change your user name and password. The new password must contain a minimum of eight characters, or comply with the criteria defined in your custom Password Policy Configuration.

Tip:Once you have changed your password, please set up your Password Policy Configuration, so that you can recover the Root Admin password without having to open a support case to have the password reset.

Important:For security purposes, Software Vulnerability Manager has a session timeout that will log you off after 2 hours of inactivity.