Setting History Mode for IT Discovery Tool Process

Data Platform

When you are creating a process, use this screen to accept or modify the default inventory name, and set a history mode and schedule.

Inventory Name—Accept the pre-populated name or enter a new inventory name.
History Mode—Click the radio button next to the setting you want to activate.
Don’t Keep History—Always overwrite the most recent Normalization
Keep History—Activate history for Analyze and/or Normalize
In Analyze—Activate Analyze history
In Normalize—Activate Normalization history
Keep the last normalization of each—Place a check next to the schedule you want to activate.
Store the last Normalization of each Week
Store the last Normalization of each Month
Store the last Normalization of each Quarter
Store the last Normalization of each Year
Up to: 1-99 Weeks, Months, Quarters, or Years

Caution:Selecting “Keep History” saves all inventory data to Analyze and/or Normalize. Depending on the number of assets, saved inventories can grow very large and severely impact Data Platform application performance, especially reporting and analysis. Data Platform advises caution when setting “Keep History” values, and recommends monitoring saved inventory sizes frequently.

Note:Click Next to proceed to the Metering settings screen


Setting History Model