Data Platform 2023 release comes as a full installer. (It is internally built from the base Data Platform 5.5.66 patch release.) Refer to the Data Platform Installation Guide to deploy this release as a brand-new Data Platform installation. This is generally recommended for customers who have not been patching their Data Platform installation regularly and are now far behind from the current patch release.

Customers who are already on Data Platform 5.5.66 patch release and do not require a brand-new full installation of Data Platform will not need to follow the Data Platform Installation Guide to get to Data Platform 2023. These customers should instead follow the normal deployment steps for 5.5.x Path Set Releases (below) which will automatically update them to Data Platform 2023.

5.5.x Path Set Releases

In either scenario, to deploy the subsequent 5.5.x patch set releases, perform the following steps:

1. Click Sync on the Data Platform user interface.
2. Wait for the catalog sync to finish.
3. Click the Details link on the Patch Set banner to invoke the patch set content dialog.
4. Click the Apply link to start the deployment.
5. Click Close when finished.