Technopedia: CPU

This section provides Technopedia: CPU field descriptions for the following:




CPU Manufacturer

CPU Manufacturer

CPU Manufacturer ID

CPU manufacturer identification number

CPU Model

CPU model (includes model number, speed/clock rate, and code name, if applicable)

CPU Model ID

CPU model identification number

CPU Cores

Number of cores per CPU chip

CPU Clock Rate

Clock speed or frequency at which a CPU is running (in MHz)

CPU ISA Bit Mode

Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) indicates whether the CPU architecture allows direct support for 32-bit or 64-bit data types and addresses

CPU Is Threaded?

Indicates whether the CPU supports multithreading

CPU Number of threads

Number of threads supported

CPU Licensing

Caution:All CPU Licensing cubes, categories, and fields have been deprecated and are no longer supported. These descriptions are provided here for reference purposes only



CPU Licensing ID

CPU licensing identification number

CPU Maximum Sockets

Maximum number of CPU sockets available in the machine

CPU IBM PVU per core

IBM Processor Value Unit (PVU), a measure used to differentiate licensing of software on distributed processor technologies (defined by Processor Vendor Brand Type and Model Number)




CPU Model Count

Distinct CPU Model Count

CPU IBM PVU per core

Caution:CPU IBM PVU per core has been deprecated and is no longer supported. This description is provided here for reference purposes only.

IBM Processor Value Unit (PVU) per core