Viewing List of Flexera One Users

The User Management page provides a list of Flexera One Users.

To view a list of Flexera One Users

1. Go to the User Management page (Administration > Identity Management > User Management).

The User Management page appears.

2. The User Management page contains the following columns providing details about the Flexera One users.



Email Address

The email address of the Flexera One user.

First Name

First name of the Flexera One user.

Last Name

Last name of the Flexera One user.

Created Date

The date that this user record was created in Flexera One.

Updated Date

The date the user details were last updated.

Last Login

The date that the user last logged in to Flexera One.

Last API Login

The date that the user last obtained an access token to run a Flexera One API.

3. To view details about a user, click on the email address in the user record.

A slideout pane appears with the following tabs:

Details—Lists the details of the currently selected user using the table columns from the User Management page.
Roles—Displays check boxes of all Flexera One roles and provides administrators the ability to grant access to any roles for the user at the Organization level (in the Roles for organization: organization name section) or the account level (in the Accounts section). The roles are grouped by capability in accordion sections that can be minimized or expanded. Any checked boxes show the roles that are currently granted for that user.
Billing Centers—Provides billing center information if the user has access to billing centers.
Groups—Provides a list of groups the user is in with links to drill into those groups.