Cloud Workflow Language

Flexera's cloud orchestration solution allows managing entire applications running on the cloud by leveraging the Flexera platform. The orchestration may include activities like configuring and launching servers in order, running operational runlists, scaling server arrays, sending emails, retrieving and analyzing metrics data, sending requests to external applications, prompting users for input, etc.

A cloud workflow is the static definition of all activities involved in a given orchestration instance. At any point in time a single cloud workflow may have multiple instances running. Such instances are called processes. Each process is launched with (and maintains) its own state.
A cloud workflow may make calls into other cloud workflows and thus the set of activities that ends up running in a single process may span multiple cloud workflows.
A cloud workflow is thus akin to the source code of a program while a process is similar to the execution of that program.

The following cloud workflow language topics are covered in this section:

Cloud Workflow Language Overview
Attributes and Error Handling
Branching and Looping