Policy Template Language

Flexera One Automation provides a flexible solution for defining arbitrary policies that span across Cost, Security, Compliance, and Operational categories. Policies may analyze data exposed by the Flexera One platform or by any other service. Automation can combine and validate data coming from multiple services. When a policy check fails, an incident is created which may in turn trigger a sequence of actions. Actions may be automated and may take advantage of Flexera Cloud Workflow. This workflow makes it possible for policies to trigger arbitrarily complex orchestration involving any service.

Automation is written in code making it possible to version, share and reuse parts of policies across multiple use cases. The policy template language is a simple DSL (Domain Specific Language) similar to the Flexera CAT (Cloud Application Template) language. Policy templates describe how to retrieve the data, how to validate it and what to do when a validation check fails.

Check out some Sample Policies as well as the complete List of Flexera Policies.

Below is a list of the policy template language components:

Retrieving Data
Processing Datasources With JavaScript
Chaining Datasources
Describing the Policy Conditions
Incident Message and Email Templates
Reserved Word Reference