IT Visibility Beacon Version History

Important:The inventory beacon information in this section is specific to IT Visibility only. For related information, refer to Uploading Inventory Data into IT Visibility. For help using inventory beacons with IT Asset Management, refer to Using IT Asset Management Inventory Beacons to Collect Inventory.

The IT Visibility Beacon Version History page (Data Collection > IT Visibility > Beacon Versions) provides a card index of each release of the inventory beacon since January 2020, when it first supported unified discovery and inventory. Each card shows the version number, the month of release, and the main points about the release.

Click the release number in the heading of any card to expand a fly-over panel with more details about the release. Click again outside the fly-over to close it.

When multiple releases for unified discovery and inventory are available, the page lets you specify the version authorized for use within your enterprise. If you change the authorized version, the next download of beacon policy triggers automatic self-upgrades or downgrades of all your installed inventory beacons.