Manual Inventory Agent Download

This section describes how to download and install the Flexera Inventory Agent onto devices in your network to collect inventory and connectivity information from those devices. For information about automatic deployment, refer to Creating or Configuring an Inventory Agent.

For information about features and fixes included with versions of the agents, refer to FlexNet Inventory Agent Change Log.

To download the Inventory Agent installer:

1. Go to the Installers page (Data Collection > IT Visibility Inventory Tasks > Installers).

The Installers page displays.

2. Go to Agent Installer section.
3. Select the Platform the agent will be installed on and the Version of the agent to install from their respective drop-down lists.
4. Click Download and save the file to a suitable location.

For details about configuring this file, or preparing an equivalent for UNIX-like platforms, see Gathering FlexNet Inventory.

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