Generating an Access Token from Refresh Token

The API refresh token is a long-lived credential which is used to generate an access token. Access tokens are short-lived tokens that must be included in requests to the Flexera One API.

In the instructions provided in this section, be sure to use the correct URL,, or based on what zone your user account and tenant are located. For more information, refer to Account and Tenant Location Zones.

To generate an access token from the refresh token using a command line tool or SDK

1. The following is an example using a cURL command that illustrates how a command line tool or SDK can use a refresh token:

curl -s -i -X POST -d "grant_type=refresh_token&refresh_token=<your refresh token>"

2. The response will look similar to the following:

HTTP/2 200

date: Wed, 30 Sep 2020 00:31:33 GMT

content-type: application/json

content-length: 1015


{"access_token": <your access token>,"expires_in":3600,"refresh_token":"<your refresh token>","token_type":"Bearer"}

The following table explains the breakdown of the response:




Contains access token value. You should copy this to make subsequent API request.


Indicates the number of seconds this access token will be valid for



The same API Refresh Token used in the request.


Refers to how the access token will be used in the next request.