Generating a Refresh Token

For Security, Flexera One does not store long-lived refresh tokens. The interface that generates the token is the only time it will be available. If the user fails to copy the token at this time, they should revoke the token (see Revoking an API Refresh Token), and generate a new one.

To generate a refresh token:

1. In a web browser, access either of the following URLs based on the server location of your account:
For accounts in North American, log in to
For accounts in Europe (EU), log in to
For accounts in APAC, log in to
2. The Flexera One login screen appears. Log in to your account.
3. Click the profile icon in the top right corner of the page and then select User Settings.

4. On the left menu, click API Credentials and then click the CREATE API REFRESH TOKEN button.

The token is created.

5. Click Copy to copy the refresh token and then save it to a secure location for future reference.

Note:Consider the following

When you close the modal, the refresh token will no longer be accessible.
A Flexera One API refresh token expires in one year if it is not used in that year.
A Flexera One API refresh token will never expire if used at least once per year.
There is no limit on the number of active Flexera One API refresh tokens that a user may have.