Flexera Integration App for ServiceNow

The Flexera Integration app available in the ServiceNow Store is a scoped app that offers a unified view of your hardware and software estate.

The Flexera Integration app helps you improve the value you derive from your ServiceNow investment—from aggregation, normalization and enrichment of hardware, software, SaaS and cloud IT asset inventory data to IT service delivery.

With Technopedia®, the most trusted source of IT product information in the world, Flexera enhances IT service management (ITSM), Configuration Management Systems, Software Asset Management, and License Optimization with a reliable foundation and accurate data.

Refer to the following table for Flexera Integration app details.



Flexera Integration App Installer

To be directed to the ServiceNow Store, click ServiceNow Store and once there, search for “Flexera Integration” to locate the app page. You then need to log in to the ServiceNow store and can then click Get to retrieve the installer. If you are upgrading from a previous version: in the drop-down next to the Update button, ensure the latest release is selected, and then click Update.

Flexera Integration App Documentation and Data Models

To view documentation, visit the Flexera Integration App for ServiceNow section of docs.flexera.com. Use the Version dropdown list to filter the documentation listing according to the app version.

Data model definitions are available for integrating the Flexera Integration App with ServiceNow. The data model that applies depends on whether you are using IT Visibility, Data Platform, or FlexNet Manager Suite data in ServiceNow. Quick links to the current version data model descriptions are provided below.

IT Visibility: ServiceNow Integration with IT Visibility Data Model (Excel file)
Data Platform: ServiceNow Integration with Data Platform Data Model (Excel file)
FlexNet Manager Suite: Transform Maps for ServiceNow Integration (Web page)

Tip:For prior version data model descriptions, follow the documentation link to Flexera Integration App for ServiceNow help, filter to the appropriate version for your needs, and navigate to the Data Model or Transform Map help topic.

ServiceNow Version Compatibility

For the latest ServiceNow version compatibility information for any version of the Flexera Integration app refer to the Flexera Integration app listing within the ServiceNow Store.

In the ServiceNow Store, search for the Flexera Integration app listing, select it, and here you will see the versions of ServiceNow that are supported for the current release of the Flexera Integration app.

To see earlier versions of the Flexera Integration app, click Other App Versions in the Version section. A matrix appears that includes a list of the ServiceNow versions supported for each version of the Flexera Integration app.

End of Life Information for Versions of the Flexera Integration App

Visit the Flexera Integration App End-of-life Notice page for end of life details for each version.

Caution Regarding Use of Flexera Staging Tables in ServiceNow

Flexera provides staging tables in ServiceNow that are used for intermediate processing and are not advisable for customers to use. Flexera can change such tables at any time by renaming tables, adding or removing columns, or even dropping a table completely.