Getting Started with IT Asset Requests

IT Asset Requests enables IT managers to enforce continual software license compliance and control software deployment, while increasing employee satisfaction and the efficiency of software delivery. The enterprise app store ensures that governance is in place to check license availability and consistent software delivery.

Employees can request software from the IT Asset Requests end user self-service portal and employees experience a native, modern user interface. IT Asset Requests leverages asset management data from IT Asset Management, including product use rights, to ensure proper governance and compliance over requests and installation of software via deployment systems.

The following table describes the help topics included in the IT Asset Requests help.



IT Asset Requests Capabilities

Provides an overview of the core capabilities included in IT Asset Requests.

System Requirements

Lists the IT Asset Requests environment requirements.


Provides information for IT Asset Requests administrators about:

Managing User Credentials
Installing and Configuring IT Asset Requests Proxy

Portal Management

Provides administrators instructions about how to configure IT Asset Requests to manage the organization’s catalog, manage requests, and manage connections.

Requesting Catalog Items and Viewing Your Requests

Describes how to request applications view the status of your requests.

Using IT Asset Requests with ServiceNow

IT Asset Requests publishes catalog items as service items into ServiceNow. Using IT Asset Requests enables you to provide your employees with a single ServiceNow service portal for all request types—software, hardware, and other IT services—while also enabling you to optimize software license use and enable automated software delivery through Configuration Manager.