nPar, vPar, and LPAR Device and Infrastructure Inventory

IT Asset Management can generate a license compliance position for the applications installed on the virtual machines created using HP virtualization (nPartitions and vPartitions on HP-UX ) and IBM virtualization infrastructure (on AIX).

The inventory collection for HP and IBM virtualization is different from that of Oracle, Citrix, and VMware as you only have to target (see Targets) the virtual machines (vPars) and IT Asset Management automatically constructs the host record by using the information collected from the virtual machines.

To collect vPar inventory, IT Asset Management uses the following different components and processes:

Standard Components and Processes to Collect vPar Inventory

Inventory Type

Component Used

Process used


Device inventory

ndtrack, either installed locally or run remotely from the appropriate inventory beacon.

The inventory collection component collects the software and hardware inventory of all virtual machines within the targeted subnet. For this, you need to create a discovery and inventory rule with the following settings:

Include the subnet containing the virtual machines in the target definition
Select the General hardware and software inventory option in the action definition.

For more information, see the topics under Creating an Action.

The inventory device records are visible on the Virtual Devices and Clusters page. You can filter the records using the following VM type values:

HP-UX nPartitions (nPars)—nPar
HP-UX vPartitions (vPars)—vPar

Note:When using the zero footprint method of inventory collection, the appropriate inventory beacon(s) need the credentials of the root user for the virtual machines. For this, the Password Manager on the appropriate inventory beacon(s) needs to be updated with these credentials. Use the value SSH account (password) for the Account Type field. For more information, see Using Password Manager.

The hardware and software inventory is used for normal license compliance calculations.