Assigning (or Unassigning) Evidence to (or From) an Application

You can assign evidence (installation, file, or access) to one, or more, applications when you need the evidence to identify the application. The association of application to evidence is needed for application recognition.

Tip:You can assign evidence starting from any of the evidence pages in the Applications & Evidence > Evidence menu items, or from the Applications tab of the evidence properties.

To manage the links between applications and evidence:

1. Click Applications & Evidence > Evidence > All Evidence (for details about finding evidence records, see Adding a Simple Filter).
2. Click the appropriate evidence tab.
3. Select one or more evidence records that you want to link to an application.

Tip:To dissociate the evidence from its linked application, select it on the list and click Unassign. Remember that unassigning prevents the evidence rule from identifying that application in any future inventory imports, which may make the application untraceable in terms of license consumption (unless it is identified by other evidence records).

4. Click Assign, optionally enter a part of the application's name, and then click Search.
5. In the Assign evidence to an application area, select an application and click Add. The selected application displays in the Search field.
6. Click Assign.

Yes is now displayed in the Assigned column for an installer, file, or access evidence row.