Troubleshooting: Inventory Missing for a Target Device


Inventory from a particular target machine does not upload.

To troubleshoot inventory missing for a target device:

1. Check the status of the target device:
a. In Flexera One, navigate to the All Discovered Devices page (Inventory > Network Discovery > All Discovered Devices).
b. Search, filter, or page through the list to locate the target device; and click its name to open its properties.
c. Select the Status tab, and expand the relevant section of the accordion display by clicking its section header (if in doubt, use Expand all at the top right of the tab).

Error reporting is shown under the heading relevant to the failure. For example, with a UNIX-based Oracle server, there may be a failure in SSH, in remote execution, in dealing with the Oracle listener, in the upload of inventory, and so on. A failure early in the process may appear under Hardware and software inventory, while a later one may appear under Oracle database inventory. Once the location is determined by the point of failure, all relevant results are presented in a single list in that location.

Tip:Information relates only to the most recent failure reported for this device. It is not possible to review earlier failures in this way.

2. Analyze the last failure in the listing, examining both the plain-language summary on the left, and on the command and any process output on the right.

Some failures are both expected and automatically recovered. For example, the inventory beacon may attempt to connect to a device as a Windows Server, and if that fails retry for a UNIX-based server. Thus a failure Access is denied to an attempt to run the Windows executable ndtrack.exe may be followed by success running the UNIX version In cases like this, the earlier error may be completely ignored. Focus on the last error in the report.

For more information about errors on target inventory devices, see Error Messages for Inventory Devices.