Using the Save View As Page

This page appears when you click Save view as (from the page that supports saving management views) to store a current management view for later reuse.

To use the Save View As page:

1. Enter a meaningful Title (such as All Inventory-Virtual Machines in Europe) and optional Description for this management view. This view will appear with the same title in the Saved Views page.
2. From the Permissions sections, select the Access to view to define who can access this management view:
Private (just me)—Only the current operator
Public—All operators.
3. From the Save to section, select the parent folder from the folder hierarchy to store this management view. Later, you need to browse to the same folder in the Saved Views page to restore and use the saved management view.
4. Click Save.

You can access the saved view through the Saved Views page. See Saved Views.