IT Visibility Data Export

To navigate to the data export capability in IT Visibility, navigate to the Data Exports page (IT Visibility > Data Exports).

The Data Exports page opens with a list of existing exports. This table will be empty if no data export jobs have previously been executed. From this table you will be able to see for all exports:

ID—Unique identifier for the export job
Requested—Date and time that the export was initiated
Requested By—Flexera One login ID of the user who initiated the export job
Status—Status of the export job which can be: [Calculating | In progress | Completed | Failed | Cancelled]
Actions—Available actions for the export job.

The following topics describe the IT Visibility data export features:

Starting a New Export
Cancelling an Export
Downloading an Export

Starting a New Export

To start a new export job

1. Go to the Data Exports page.
2. Click Create Export or Create Export (Beta). A new export job will initiate, and the following notification will appear: “Your export is submitted for processing.”

Important:Only one export job can be run at a time. Clicking Create Export while another export is still in progress will prompt the warning message “Warning! An export is already in progress. Creating a new export will cancel the existing report. Do you wish to proceed?” Click YES to cancel the running job and start a new job or click NO to cancel the new export.

Once an export job is running, the Status column in the Data Export screen will update to show the progress of the job. The job will first run a calculation to establish the size of the export before proceeding to export the data. Once the export is in progress, the status will show an estimated time to complete the job.

Cancelling an Export

If you want to cancel an export that is running, you can cancel the export in the Data Exports page.

To cancel an export job

1. Go to the Data Exports page.
2. Find the export in the Data Exports page you can to cancel, and click the CANCEL option in the Action column.

Note:If there is no Cancel option, the export has already completed.

3. When the Cancel Data Export prompt appears, click YES to cancel the export.

The following notification will appear to confirm the export has been cancelled: “Success, your export has been cancelled.”

Downloading an Export

Once an export has completed, you can download the export files to your local machine.

To download an export job

1. Go to the Data Exports page.
2. Find the relevant completed export job in the Data Exports page and click Download in its Action column.

The export files will then be downloaded in a compressed folder to your machine.