Loading New Data to an Existing Data Mashup Dataset

You can load new data to any existing dataset previously uploaded for data mashup.

Remember to observe the file size and data value limitations for the CSV file you upload on the Data Mashup page:

CSV files uploaded for data mashup must use UTF-8 encoding.
The values in the CSV file can include only standard English characters; they cannot contain extended, non-standard characters.
The values in the CSV file can include commas, but these values must be enclosed in quotation marks.
The maximum file size for a data mashup CSV file is 1 GB.

To load new data to an existing dataset:

1. In Flexera One, click IT Visibility > Data Mashup to open the Data Mashup page.
2. For the dataset for which you want to load new data, click the Load new data button. The Choose a CSV file dialog box opens.
3. Locate the CSV file you want to upload using the Browse button or drop the CSV file onto the Choose a CSV file dialog box.

Note:The CSV file must contain a column that references an existing dataset such as dhardwareid (for devices), htechnopediaguid (for hardware), or stechnopediaguid (for software).

After the CSV file import is successful, IT Visibility displays the following message: Data has been loaded successfully. Click Close to close the dialog box.

The newly loaded Data Mashup attribute and fact values are now available in Data Explorer along with their corresponding links to the devices, hardware, or software.