Updating the Structure of an Existing Data Mashup Dataset

You can alter the structure of any existing dataset previously uploaded for data mashup.

Important:The structural changes you make to an existing Data Mashup dataset may alter any previously saved reports or insights built off of the business context data in that dataset.

To update the structure of an existing dataset:

1. In Flexera One, click IT Visibility > Data Mashup to open the Data Mashup page.
2. For the dataset for which you want to update the structure, click the Update structure button. The Choose a CSV file dialog box opens.
3. Locate the CSV file you want to upload using the Browse button or drop the CSV file onto the Choose a CSV file dialog box.

Note:The CSV file must contain a column that references an existing dataset such as dhardwareid (for devices), htechnopediaguid (for hardware), or stechnopediaguid (for software).

After the CSV file import is successful, IT Visibility opens the Update connection to your model dialog box. For more information about the data populated in the Update connection to your model dialog box, see CSV File Data.

4. In the Update connection to your model dialog box, you can set the reference, attribute, or fact, and confirm the data structure.
Reference/Attribute/Fact—For the key column in your CSV file, set the Reference/Attribute/Fact control to Reference and choose Hardware Properties, for device data, Hardware Technopedia, for hardware data, or Software Properties, for software data. For other columns, set Reference/Attribute/Fact to Attribute or Fact and, optionally, enter a different attribute or fact name for those columns.

Important:You can select only one column as Reference.

Confirm Selection—Click Confirm Selection when you are ready to review the data model changes specified in the Update connection to your model dialog box.

IT Visibility opens the Publish model dialog box when you click Confirm Selection.

5. In the Publish model dialog box, review the data model changes and click Publish.

When IT Visibility completes loading the dataset, it shows the updated dataset in the Analytics Enhancements list on the Data Mashup page.

After the updated dataset appears on the Data Mashup page, you can find the updated data listed in Data Explorer under the name you provided as the Custom dataset name.