Version:If you are using the latest version of IT Visibility’s export, information in this section is not applicable to you. Instead, see “IT Visibility Data Export (Latest Version)”. To check whether you are using the latest version of export versus a previous version, go to the Data Export page (IT Visibility > Data Exports). If you see two buttons for exportinga Create Export button and a Create Export (Beta) button, you are on a previous version. If you only see the Create Export button, you are on the latest version. For related information, see Upgrading to the Latest Version of IT Visibility.

This file contains your hardware contextualized.

Column Position

Column Name

Column Values

Column Description


Hardware ID


A unique identifier of all hardware devices in the inventory.




Location where the device is.


Cost Center


Cost Center the device is associated with.


Business Unit


Business Unit the device is associated with, sometimes referred to as department/organization.