About Bill Adjustments

You can create and manage bill adjustments that modify costs based on one or more adjustment rules. For more information about the use cases Flexera One supports for bill adjustments and the dimensions on which bill adjustment rules can be based, see the following sections.

Supported Use Cases

Based on rules you set within bill adjustments, bills that match the rules can be marked up or marked down based on a cost metric you specify in the bill adjustment. Using these capabilities, Flexera One supports the following bill adjustment use cases:

Currency conversion
Line item elimination (such as fees and/or taxes)
Pricing adjustment

Supported Dimensions

Flexera One’s Cloud Cost Optimization has the ability to define adjustments by a variety of dimensions. An adjustment rule's condition expression can check the value of any of the following dimensions:

Bill entity
Bill source
Cloud vendor
Cloud vendor account
Instance type
Invoice ID
Line item type
Resource group
Resource type
Usage type
Usage unit
Service family
Product order name