Cloud Cost Anomaly Alerts

The Cloud Cost Anomaly Alerts policy analyzes the spend in an organization over a specified time period and sends email notifications if anomalies are detected. The cost anomalies are identified using Bollinger Bands. The bands are defined as follows:

The moving average is calculated using a window size specified. (See Window Size in the Cloud Cost Anomaly Alerts Input Parameters, below.)
The upper and lower bands are calculated as distance of a given number of standard deviations from the moving average. (See Standard Deviations in the Cloud Cost Anomaly Alerts Input Parameters, below.)

Any point outside the bands is considered anomalous. If multiple cost anomalies are detected for the given dimensions, the data point with the greatest deviation is reported as an incident. Additionally, a URL link is provided to a graphical report where all detected anomalies are shown.

See the following sections for more information about input parameters and roles required to use this policy:

Cloud Cost Anomaly Alerts Input Parameters
Cloud Cost Anomaly Alerts Required Roles

Cloud Cost Anomaly Alerts Input Parameters

Time Period - Number of days to analyze for cost anomalies.
Minimum Value: 1
Maximum Value: 31
Default: 30
Minimum Period Spend - Minimum daily spend threshold needed to register an anomaly. Anomalies detected with a corresponding daily spend less than the minimum spend value will be ignored.
Minimum Value: 0
Default: 1000
Cost Anomaly Dimensions - Dimensions to group data for the analysis. Multiple dimensions can be provided. Currently, custom tags cannot be used as dimensions.
Default: ["Cloud Vendor Account Name", "Cloud Vendor", "Service"]
Cost Metric - Cost metric used for the analysis: Amortized versus Unamortized and Blended versus Unblended costs.
Default: Unamortized and Unblended.
Email addresses of the recipients you wish to notify - A list of email addresses to notify.
Window Size - Number of days used in the calculation of the moving average.
Minimum Value: 0
Default: 10
Standard Deviations - The standard deviation number to define the upper and lower the Bollinger Bands.
Minimum Value: 0
Default: 2
Cost Anomaly Limit - Top n anomalies to alert on.
Default: 10

Cloud Cost Anomaly Alerts Required Roles

This feature requires permissions to access Cloud Cost Optimization resources. The following roles are required:

Automation - Manage policies
Cloud Cost Optimization - View cloud costs

For more information on modifying roles, read the Flexera One User Roles documentation.