Bill Processing Status

Important:To view the Bill Processing Status dashboard, you must have the Manage organization role. For complete descriptions of each role available in Flexera One, see Flexera One Roles.

The Bill Processing Status dashboard allows you to view the status of your bill connects. This dashboard can be found by navigating to the Administration menu and selecting Bill Processing Status from the Cloud Settings submenu.

The Bill Processing Status dashboard allows you to view:

Bill Account
Bill Status
Import History

Caution:Click the toggle at the upper-left corner to view everything on this page or errors only.


The Credentials column displays the validity of your credentials. If an Invalid credential error badge appears, click the link to update the account’s credentials under Administration > Cloud Settings > Billing Configuration. This feature is available for all cloud vendors.

Bill Status

The Bill Status column displays actionable Common Bill Ingestion (CBI) errors. If an error badge appears, click the link which opens a slideout.

This error slideout includes a data table with the:

Error Message
Detected (time frame)
Source ID

Click the paper icon at the end of each table row to quickly copy the error information.

Import History

Clicking the View link in the Import History column opens an Import History slideout. In this slideout, you can view the import history for each of your bills from the last three months.