Adding a Cloud Bill in the Billing Configuration User Interface

Cloud Cost Optimization ingests billing data provided by major cloud providers and custom bills, allowing you to allocate costs, identify waste, and perform detailed analysis of your cloud spend.

Important:The Manage organization role is required to access the Billing Configuration page. For complete descriptions of each role available in Flexera One, see Flexera One Roles.

To add a cloud bill in Cloud Cost Optimization:

1. Go to the Billing Configuration page (Administration > Cloud Settings > Billing Configuration). The Billing Configuration page opens.
2. In the upper-right corner, click the Add a Cloud Bill button. The Connect Cloud - Choose your cloud window opens.
3. Select the cloud provider that you would like to connect to Cloud Cost Optimization and click Continue.
4. Complete the cloud provider’s billing configuration instructions referenced in Bill Connect Configurations.
5. Click Continue.
6. Cloud Cost Optimization performs initial validation of the configuration data and will provide a success or failure message.
7. If successful, billing data can be expected to be available within 24 hours.
8. If unsuccessful, check all configuration information and try again, or contact Flexera Support.