Editing a Budget

You can edit your budgets by selecting a budget from the Budgets page and clicking the Edit button.

Note:Some budget settings cannot be altered after a budget has been created. You can edit budget numbers, but you cannot alter the budget’s defined date range and data grouping settings.

To edit a budget

1. Click Cloud > Budgets to show the existing budgets for your tenant.
2. Choose a budget to edit by clicking its name in the Budget List.
3. On the Budget Dashboard, click Edit.
4. Make your changes in the field provided. You can edit the following settings:
Budget Name 
Amortized or Unamortized 
Budget Data 

The budget name, amortization setting, and budget data numbers can be edited at any time.

Use the Back, Next, and Confirm buttons to step through the budget settings.

5. Click Save.

Once you save your budget edits, Flexera One shows the dashboard for that budget.