Monthly CSV Reports in Billing Centers

Monthly CSV reports are available for any user with organization-wide access to Cloud Cost Optimization. Reports are not yet available on a per-billing center level basis. For users with sufficient privileges, simply navigate to the top-level Billing page for the organization and select Monthly Reports. The page lists all available monthly reports along with the date at which they were most recently generated.

By default, Cloud Cost Optimization ensures that the current and prior month CSV reports are updated on a regular basis. Contact Flexera Support to regenerate prior months on-demand.

The CSV reports provide a resource-level view of the information. Each row in the report corresponds to a unique resource, and the cost for the resource is the total cost for the month. Note that some resources in cloud bills do not have a resource ID. Such resources have a null value for the resource ID and are grouped together in the monthly report.

The CSV reports also provide some data points that are not available elsewhere, including resource IDs and Azure Resource Group information.

The billing_center field contains a top-down list of the billing center hierarchy that the cost is allocated to. Each level in the hierarchy is separated by a pipe | character.