Bill Adjustments

Bill adjustments are a way to adjust costs on a percentage basis, and different adjustments are allowed to compound on one another. Flexera One allows for flexible bill adjustments based on customizable rules, for Cloud Cost Optimization has the ability to define adjustments by a variety of dimensions.

You can manage bill adjustments on the Adjustment Program page. See the following topics for information and instructions on viewing applied bill adjustments and managing bill adjustments.



About Bill Adjustments

Discusses bill adjustment concepts including the supported use cases for bill adjustments as well as the supported dimensions on which bill adjustment rules can be based.

Viewing Applied Bill Adjustments

Explains how to view bill adjustments that have been applied.

Creating Bill Adjustment Lists

Describes how to create new dated adjustment lists to contain your bill adjustments.

Copying Bill Adjustment Lists

Describes how to copy existing dated adjustment lists.

Deleting Bill Adjustment Lists

Explains how to delete an existing dated adjustment list.

Working With Bill Adjustments

Includes instructions sets that describe how to add, edit, and delete bill adjustments within your dated adjustment lists. This section includes the following topics:

Adding Bill Adjustments
Editing Bill Adjustments
Deleting Bill Adjustments