Common Bill Ingestion

Common Bill Ingestion (CBI) is a feature of Cloud Cost Optimization in Flexera One that allows the ingestion of public, private, and custom cloud billing data for easy ad-hoc analysis along-side billing data from other sources. It is a common pipeline capable of ingesting virtually any cost or usage time-series billing data.

Multiple use-cases might warrant connecting CBI bills to Cloud Cost Optimization, such as custom cloud or plugin costs, internal/private cloud billing data, or public clouds not natively supported in Cloud Cost Optimization.

The sections in this topic provide more detailed instructions for how to build CBI-friendly bills and integrate them into Cloud Cost Optimization:

Sample Use Cases
CBI Setup Flow
Required Information
Submit the Information

Sample Use Cases

Below are just three of the common use cases for when CBI may be used to integrate billing data:

Adding custom costs to Cloud Cost Optimization
Integrating internal (private cloud) costs and usage data
Integrating infrastructure or container-based costs (such as Kubernetes or VMWare)

In order to ingest custom billing data, refer to the CBI Setup Flow instructions. These instructions provide an overview for how to create a CBI Bill Connect and upload it to Cloud Cost Optimization.

CBI Setup Flow

To connect a bill in Cloud Cost Optimization with CBI, the following steps are required:

1. Create a CBI Bill Connect using the Bill Connect API.
2. Convert your billing data into the Common Bill Ingestion Default Format. (See note below.)
3. Upload the bill into Cloud Cost Optimization using the Bill Upload API.

Within a few hours you should see your billing data in Cloud Cost Optimization. (This could take up to 24 hours.)

Note:Contact your Flexera account manager and inquire about options if converting to the CBI Default CSV Format is difficult or not possible.


Bills must be uploaded in the Common Bill Ingestion Default Format.
The number of files per upload is limited.
The size of a single, uploaded billing file is limited.
The time between uploading a set of billing files is limited.

Note:See the Bill Upload API documentation for current limits. If your organization needs any of the above limits increased, contact your Flexera account manager.

Required Information

In order to create a CBI Bill Connect via the Bill Connect API, you will need the following information:

Required Information for Common Bill Connect






The integration ID indicating which integration to use to process the CBI bill. Must be cbi-oi-optima for a bill in the CBI Default CSV format.



A unique identifier within your Flexera Org for this particular bill, for example custombill-1.



A human-readable description of the bill connect, for example My Custom Bill 1.


{flexera_one_display_name: --anything--}

A JSON object indicating the desired name to display in Cloud Cost Optimization for this bill connect.

Submit the Information

Follow the CBI Setup Flow to submit the above information to Cloud Cost Optimization.