Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Partner - Azure MCA

Cloud Cost Optimization uses bill data to provide an accurate view of your costs across accounts and services. This data is consumed by the Flexera One platform and made available for pre-built and ad-hoc analyses. In order to gather the cost information, certain configuration steps must be performed with specific data and credentials being shared with Cloud Cost Optimization.

This section describes the configuration and input information needed to connect Azure MCA CSP partnership billing to Cloud Cost Optimization. If you are not part of the Azure MCA CSP program, these instructions are not relevant; instead, see Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Partner or Microsoft Azure Enterprise Agreement (Legacy).

For Cloud Cost Optimization to generate cost information for your customers, you must provide your Azure MCA Cloud Solution Provider Partner information. This information is used to first register the Azure MCA Partner in Cloud Cost Optimization and then to register customers. To perform these registrations, you must first obtain Azure MCA Parter and Customer data. Then, using that data, complete the steps in Flexera One to connect your Azure MCA CSP in Cloud Cost Optimization.

Generating Credentials for MCA CSP Partner Billing Configurations
Obtaining the Required Data Fields From Azure
Connecting Azure MCA Cloud Solution Provider in Cloud Cost Optimization