Connecting Azure MCA Cloud Solution Provider in Cloud Cost Optimization

To connect Azure MCA Cloud Solution Provider in Cloud Cost Optimization, perform the following steps.

To connect Azure MCA CSP in Cloud Cost Optimization:

1. Click Administration.
2. Open the Billing Configuration view from the Cloud Settings group, and click Add a Cloud Bill in the upper right corner.
3. Choose Microsoft Azure.
4. Choose Azure CSP (Modern Commerce) located under the Microsoft Customer Agreement heading.
5. On this view, enter the following information, which you obtained in Obtaining the Required Data Fields from Azure:
Application ID 
Directory ID 
Application Secret Key 
Billing Account ID 
Microsoft Partner Network ID 
6. Click Continue.
7. In the Tenant ID field, enter the Tenant ID, and in the Organization drop-down, select your customer’s organization. You can then click the Add button to add multiple customers at once.
8. Click Connect.