Obtaining the Required Data Fields From Azure

To successfully connect Azure MCA CSP to Cloud Cost Optimization, you will need to first register the Azure MCA Partner in Cloud Cost Optimization, and then register customers (tenants). To perform these registrations, you must first obtain the following data:

Data Required to Connect Azure MCA CSP to Cloud Cost Optimization


Required Data

Data Field Name

Azure MCA Partner

Application ID


Application Directory ID


Application Secret Key


Billing Account ID


Microsoft Partner ID



Azure Tenant ID


Application ID, Application Directory ID, and Application Secret Key

The Application ID, Application Directory ID, and Application Secret Key values are for the Azure AD web app on your Microsoft Partner Center’s App Management page.

Note:The Application Directory ID is listed as Account ID on the Partner Center page.

This web app also needs the permissions from the Billing account reader role in your Microsoft Azure MCA portal.

Note:The application secret keys are like passwords with longer expiration times. We recommend saving this in a secure location for future use.

Billing Account ID

The Billing Account ID is in your Azure portal’s Cost Management Tool properties page.

Important:This information is hard to find. Make sure that you are logged in to Azure as an admin to the partner account. Also, be aware that there are two cost management views: one in Azure Services and one in the Tools section. Make sure that you are in the Tools section.

On this page, the Billing Account ID can be found in the Billing Account Name field. The Billing Account ID is the first part of the Billing Account Name (everything before the first colon).

For example, if the full Billing Account Name is 1bc3aca-5016-4db0-a6bc-1111fccdf72b:5efda3d-936b-4534-99cf-46b0d0a1211e_2018-09-30, then the Billing Account ID is 1bc3aca-5016-4db0-a6bc-1111fccdf72b.

Note:If the Billing Account Name field is empty, the Microsoft Partner Agreement may still need to be signed.

Microsoft Partner Network ID

Use the Microsoft Azure Partner Center or other means to obtain your Microsoft Partner ID, which you will need in future steps. You can find your Partner ID by navigating to Settings > Account settings > Identifiers.

A table appears and the Partner ID field is displayed

Note:You need to be logged in to your Microsoft Partner Center account to view your Partner ID.

Azure Tenant ID/Customer Tenant ID

Use the Microsoft Azure Partner Center or other means to obtain the Customer Tenant ID for each customer. You can find a customer’s Microsoft ID in the Partner Center on the customer’s Account page. These Microsoft IDs are what Cloud Cost Optimization will need for the Customer Tenant IDs.