Accessing the Cloud Dashboard

From the Flexera One Dashboards menu, select Cloud to open the Flexera Default dashboard. This dashboard provides an overview of your monthly cloud costs across clouds, accounts, and services for the selected time period in a bar chart at the top of the page. Data from all the billing centers that you have access to in the selected organization are pulled into one view.

Hover over any month on the chart to see the breakdown of costs by the selected dimension. Click any month to change the lower charts on the page to show data for that month. The upper-left corner of the chart shows the total cost of the selected month.

The following sections describe the Flexera Default dashboard in further detail:

Forecasted Amortized Costs for the Current Month
Flexera Default Dashboard Access
Flexera Default Dashboard Options for Analyzing Cloud Cost Information

Forecasted Amortized Costs for the Current Month

A forecast of the current month spend is provided (dashed lines appear in the bar chart) when Amortized is selected in the cost type selector. The forecast for amortized costs is calculated by using the average daily spend and projecting that amount forward for the remaining days in the month. The average spend is calculated using the last 7 days for which we have full data from the cloud providers.

Flexera Default Dashboard Access

The following table describes the Flexera One roles used to access the Flexera Default dashboard. For complete descriptions of each role available in Flexera One, see Flexera One Roles.

Required Roles for Flexera Default Dashboard



Manage organization

Full access to share custom cloud dashboards.

Manage cloud dashboard

Full access to manage public and default custom Cloud Cost Optimization dashboards.

View cloud costs

Full access to user-specific dashboards. Your access to the Flexera Default dashboard can be at either the organization level or the billing center level. The access levels are as follows:

Organizational access—You can view cloud costs across the organization.
Billing Center access—You can view cloud costs for at least one billing center. If you have the role on one or more billing centers, the Flexera Default dashboard combines the cloud costs from all billing centers into one page.

Flexera Default Dashboard Options for Analyzing Cloud Cost Information

Cloud Cost Optimization provides the following dashboard options for analyzing cloud cost information. Click the following links for further information:

The “Default” Dashboards 
Creating a Custom Cloud Dashboard 
Sharing Default or Custom Cloud Dashboards 
Viewing cost anomalies—For information, see Cost Anomaly Detection.