Creating a Custom Cloud Dashboard

Cloud Cost Optimization users can create and modify (new) custom dashboards. These dashboard customization features allow you to tailor your view of billing data based on your use case.

Custom dashboards are scoped to the user within the organization. The dashboards a user creates or modifies only affect that user.

Note:The Flexera Default dashboard is a built-in dashboard that has special properties. (See The “Default” Dashboards for details.)

Following are descriptions of the Custom Dashboard features:

Working With a Custom Dashboard
Creating a New Custom Dashboard
Sharing Default or Custom Cloud Dashboards
Configuring Custom Dashboard Reports

Working With a Custom Dashboard

Custom dashboards are made up of reports, which can be defined and arranged in a layout of the user's choosing. Each report is configured independently, with all reports using the dashboard-level time frame selection for showing the duration of data and data type for showing amortized, unamortized, blended costs, and unblended costs.

Once dashboards are created, you can select which one you wish to view using the dashboard selector within any billing center by clicking the name of the dashboard you are currently viewing.

Creating a New Custom Dashboard

You can create a dashboard either from scratch or copy the current dashboard. (The Flexera Default dashboard cannot be duplicated.) The create dashboard panel lets you change the name, description, and layout of the dashboard.

To create a new custom dashboard:

1. Navigate to Dashboards > Cloud.
2. From the drop-down of dashboard names, click the name of the dashboard you are currently viewing, then click New Dashboard, and then click either of the following:
Click Create New to create a custom dashboard from scratch.
Click Duplicate This Dashboard to copy the current custom dashboard.

Note:The Flexera Default dashboard cannot be duplicated.

3. After you click Create New, the Dashboard Properties window appears.
4. In Dashboard Properties, enter your custom dashboard Name and Description. Under Layouts, click your desired layout for the new custom dashboard. The dark gray lines in each layout preview show the zones while the light gray lines indicate how reports will be laid out in each zone. Click Save.

The custom dashboard properties can be modified at any time by selecting the Edit button on the upper-right corner of the dashboard.

Deleting a Custom Dashboard

Users can delete custom dashboards.

To delete a custom dashboard:

1. Click the Delete button in the upper-right corner of the custom dashboard screen. A Delete Current Dashboard window will ask if you want to delete the dashboard.
2. Click the Delete button.

Caution:Once a custom dashboard has been deleted, it cannot be recovered!