Sharing Dashboards With Billing Centers

Dashboards can be included in Dashboards, Billing Centers, or both. You can share organization level dashboards with the billing centers and also create a dashboard from the billing center and share it at the organization level.

To share your custom dashboard with billing centers:

1. Go to Dashboards > Cloud.
2. Click New Dashboard and then click one of the following options:
Blank dashboard
Duplicate this dashboard

The Dashboard Settings slideout opens. For more information about creating custom dashboards, see Creating a Custom Cloud Dashboard.

3. In the Dashboard Name field, enter the name of the dashboard that you want to share.
4. To include your custom dashboards in Dashboards, Billing Centers, or both, select the checkboxes next to the following options:
Dashboards—To include the dashboard at the organization level.
Billing Centers—To include the dashboard at the billing center level.

Note:When sharing a dashboard with a billing center, the billing center filter is removed. The Billing Center dashboard is scoped to a specific billing center and the billing center filter is not applicable.

5. Click Save.
6. To add widgets to a dashboard, see Configuring Custom Dashboard Widgets.

Note:You can modify the custom dashboard settings at any time by clicking Edit in the upper-right corner of the dashboard and then by clicking Settings.