Viewing Applied Bill Adjustments

Important:To view applied bill adjustments in Cloud Cost Optimization, you must have one of the following Flexera One roles. Most users see only the fully adjusted costs, but users with the required role can view the Adjustment Name dimension to see the breakdown of raw costs and each adjustment. For complete descriptions of each role available in Flexera One, see Flexera One Roles.

Manage organization 
Manage bill adjustments 
View bill adjustments 

Adjustment Program

To view adjustments, you must have the bill adjustments in place.

You can view the applied bill adjustments on the Adjustment Program page (Cloud > Cost Optimization > Adjustment Program).

Tabular View

You can view the applied bill adjustments in a tabular view.

To view applied bill adjustments in tabular view:

1. Go to the Billing Centers page (Cloud > Cost Optimization > Billing Centers).
2. Click Tabular View.
3. To select your adjustment dimension, click the plus sign (+) next to the Group by: header. The available adjustment dimensions include:
Adjustment Cost Multiplier
Adjustment Name
Adjustment Rule Label
Adjustment Usage Multiplier

Based on the adjustment dimension selected, the bill adjustments appear in the tabular view.

Note:To view adjustments by billing center, select the billing center you wish to view adjustments within and follow the same instructions as mentioned earlier.