Cloud Cost Optimization-Generated Cost Dimension: Category

Cloud Cost Optimization-generated dimensions are created by the Flexera One platform, combining data from across providers into a standardized form. Today there is only one such dimension, Category.

The Category dimension in Cloud Cost Optimization is generated by the Flexera One platform based off of data in each cloud provider. Cloud Cost Optimization evaluates each line item in the bill and applies a set of rules to place each line item in a given high-level category. The set of category values are as follows: Admin, AI, App-Service, Applications, Compute, Database, IOT, MachineLearning, Marketplace, Network, Other, RI/CUD, Storage, Streaming, and Support.

To determine which category a given cost falls into, a set of prioritized rules are applied to each cost. The rules use various data elements from each provider to divvy up the cost.

The following sections detail the rules that are used for each cloud provider in terms of category:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cost Categories
Google Cloud Platform Cost Categories
Microsoft Azure Cost Categories