Jamf Pro

Jamf Pro is a comprehensive management system for Apple macOS computers and iOS devices.

Information Stored
Minimum Permissions Required
Authentication Method
Credentials Required
Integrating Jamf Pro with SaaS Management
API Endpoint

Information Stored

The following table describes the available integration task and stored data.

Available Integration Tasks

Integration Task

Information Stored

Application Roster

User ID
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name

Note:The information stored is subject to change as enhancements are made to the product.

Minimum Permissions Required

Required Jamf Pro Privileges




Grants Read All permissions to the APIs used in this integration


Allows you to create a Jamf Pro Advanced Search ID 

Authentication Method

Bearer Token

Credentials Required

Base URL
Advanced Search ID

Integrating Jamf Pro with SaaS Management

To integrate Jamf Pro with SaaS Management, perform the following steps.

To integrate Jamf Pro with SaaS Management:

1. Obtain the Base URL from your Jamf Pro account’s Portal URL without https.

Example: If the Portal URL with the assigned domain “flexera” is https://flexera.jamfcloud.com/index.html 

Then the Base URL is flexera.jamfcloud.com 

2. Enter the username and password of the user with Auditor Privileges for your Jamf Pro account. For more information on creating the user or providing the privileges to a user, refer to JSS User Accounts and Groups.
3. To obtain the Advanced Search ID:
a. Sign in to the Jamf Pro portal as an Administrator.
b. Click Users > New.
c. From the Search tab, select the Save this search checkbox.
d. Enter the Display Name.
e. Click the Display tab and ensure the Email Address and Full Name checkboxes are selected.
f. Click Save.
g. Click the Display Name you entered in step d and obtain the ID value (which is the Advanced Search ID) from the Portal URL.

Example: After clicking the Display Name, the Portal URL format looks as follows: https://flexera.jamfcloud.com/advancedUserSearches.html?id=13&o=r 

From the above URL, the ID value (13) is the Advanced Search ID value to enter when setting up the integration.

API Endpoint

<https://<<Base-URL>>/JSSResource/advancedusersearches/id/<<Advanced Search ID>>