Adding Miscellaneous Fees

Within a SaaS application’s license screen, there is a Miscellaneous Fees tab where you can enter any miscellaneous fees related to licenses such as an onboarding fee or a consultant’s training fee.

To add miscellaneous fees:

1. From the SaaS menu, click All SaaS Licenses. The All SaaS Licenses screen appears.
2. In the All SaaS Licenses table, click the appropriate application link in the Application Name column to drill through to the application’s Overview tab.
3. Click the Licenses tab, which opens the License Details tab by default.
4. Click the Miscellaneous Fees tab, and then click Add Fees.
5. Enter the Name, Effective Date (YYYY-MM-DD), Ending Date (YYYY-MM-DD), Amount (select the appropriate currency), and Payment Frequency.
6. Click Add another fee (if needed).
7. Click Save.