Getting Started With Microsoft Vendor Workspace

The Microsoft Vendor Workspace provides an overall view of the spend for Microsoft licenses (on-premise and SaaS), hardware, and Azure cloud. This workspace also displays your organization’s Microsoft contracts due for renewal and due to expire to help with contract negotiations and budget planning. To get started, refer to Creating a Microsoft Vendor Workspace.

Accessing Microsoft Vendor Workspace

Important:Microsoft Vendor Workspace is only available for organizations having an account with

To view your Microsoft Vendor Workspace in Flexera One, select Workspaces from the left-hand navigational panel. The Workspaces landing page appears.

Required Flexera One Role

You will need the View Vendor Workspaces role, which offers the ability to view vendor workspaces. This role also provides a user access to cost APIs at the organization level.

Caution:These role privileges give access to all cost data. This role should be used with caution.

Your organization’s Flexera One Identity and Access Management Administrator can assign this role to you. For more details, refer to Flexera One Roles.