Trusted Storage

Trusted storage is a secure storage area used to store fulfillment records and other licensing information.

Fulfillment records in trusted storage contain four types of information:

License lines: Similar to FEATURE and INCREMENT lines in license files, but containing values that may be overridden by other data held in the fulfillment record
Override values for the license lines in the fulfillment
Details of the transaction that provided the fulfillment record
Details of how the licenses can be used by the server—as concurrent licenses, as activatable licenses (see Trusted Storage License Groups), and for transfer to other servers.

Trusted storage is segmented into publisher-specific areas, each identified by a Trusted ID. The security of each segment is set separately, using different binding and anchoring configurations. Anchors detect deletion, tampering, and subsequent restoration of trusted storage. Binding is the combining of one or more properties of a machine into a unique fingerprint, which is used to lock trusted storage to that machine.