ManageSoft Element

This element contains all the information needed for connection to the central compliance database.


In disconnected mode, when the adapter is exercised on an inventory beacon with no access to the central compliance database:

<ManageSoft ConnectionType="Default" RunInTransaction="False" />


<ManageSoft /> is an empty element, containing no child elements. (See attributes listed below.)

Contained by

<root> is the parent.

Supported attributes

Attribute Details
Mandatory. Boolean:
  • True when the ConnectionString has been encrypted
  • False when the ConnectionString is interpreted as plain text. (Use this value also in disconnected mode.)
For details about encrypting connection strings in an adapter XML file, see Command Line for Business Importer.
Note: The AccountIsEncrypted attribute is used by the Business Importer to determine whether the ConnectionString value is encrypted. Setting the value to false once the connection string has been encrypted results in a connection error when the Business Importer is run with this adapter file.
Tip: To remove encryption, you must do all of the following three things:
  • Set AccountIsEncrypted to false.
  • Replace the encrypted string value for ConnectionString with a valid plain text version.
  • Repeat the plain text replacement for all other connection strings defined for each <Import> in the XML file. (The single use of the /Encrypt switch on the command line for the Business Importer also encrypts all ConnectionString values for each import object in the adapter XML file.)

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