Command Line for FlxBizAdapterImporter

These options are available when the FlxBizAdapterImporter tool is run from the command line.

The default location on each inventory beacon for this tool is C:\Program Files\Flexera Software\Inventory Beacon\DotNet\bin\FlxBizAdapterImporter.exe.


InstallationPath\FlxBizAdapterImporter.exe -SwitchName [Value]


InstallationPath\FlxBizAdapterImporter.exe --SwitchName [Value]
  • Use the "-" symbol for short switch names.
  • Use the "--" symbol for long switch names.
In normal use, exactly one of the following switches must be specified:
  • -n
  • --name
  • --help.


FlxBizAdapterImporter.exe --name Business_Adapter_Name
FlxBizAdapterImporter.exe --name Business_Adapter_Name1,Business_Adapter_Name2,Business_Adapter_Name3
Note: There should be no space after each comma between adapter names.
FlxBizAdapterImporter.exe --help


The supported set of parameters and switches (in alphabetical order) is as follows.
Tip: Parameter/switch names are case insensitive.
Parameter/Switch Switch Values Details
--help   Displays a list of available parameters and related material.
-n or --name Business_Adapter_Name Specifies the name of the business adapter to be used.

Multiple business adapter names can be specified for multiple business adapters to be imported at once. Separate each name with a comma (,) without any spaces before or after the comma.

Without any parameter  

The absence of any parameters will result in the execution of all business adapters.

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