Improved database cleanup after file evidence imports

IT Asset Management version 2018 R2
Two improvements have been made to the reader that imports file evidence, and that should clean up afterward:
  • Previously, cleanups could fail if an operator was making adjustments through the web interface for IT Asset Management at cleanup time. The database method has been changed to avoid this, and also to automatically clean up records from any previous failures.
  • Some cleanups of the ImportedFileEvidence table may have failed, accumulating orphaned records (meaning ones that do not have a matching record in the ImportedInstalledFileEvidence table). Cleanup functionality has been extended to remove accumulated orphans. By reducing the set of data to manipulate, this cleanup can improve future database performance.
Tip: These fixes were the subject of knowledge article #000026779, “Improving database cleanup after importing file evidence”, available through the Flexera Customer Community (login required). With this release, the changes are incorporated within IT Asset Management, and no other action on your part is needed.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)